THERAPY CREAM – The Secret of Healthy Joints 


Therapeutical properties of the mud in Romania’s lakes have been well-known for centuries. After long years of research, Dr. Stefan Ionescu Calinesti has succeeded to extract naturally, using an innovative method, the active principles of the vegetable mud of these lakes. The benefits of these active principles are used in a revulsive cream with multiple uses.



PELL AMAR EXTRACT – natural source of energy for the skin – its complex structure provides important therapeutical characteristics: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, peripheral vaso-expansive, recuperative, anti-constrictive, bio-stimulating. It can be used to heal and improve:

  • various forms of rheumatism (chronic degenerative, inflammatory during the unevolutive stage, abarticular);
  • peripheral nerves diseases (various headaches, plexalgia);
  • aches as a result of traumas, accidents (fractures, sprains, cricks), orthopedic surgeries.

THE EXTRACT OF SALLOW BARK – contains tannin, wax, flavonic compounds, mineral salts, salicylates – it has decongestive, astringent effects.


How to use

Apply directly on the sore areas, massaging gently. Its use can be associated with other physiotherapy procedures if the doctor prescribes it. Dermatological tests have demonstrated a perfect tolerance for this product.


Bottle capacity: 50 ml


Dermatologist tested


Parabens free


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    Natural dermatocosmetics with sapropelic mud extract, natural products for face care, body care, therapy, hair and oral care.




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