Pell Amar Therapy creams, through the 100% natural extract of sapropelic mud contained, soothe and heal the skin affected by sun and heat burns, relieves muscles, bones and joints pain, contusions, stimulates circulation, regenerates the epidermis. 

Therapeutic indications and benefits of sapropelic mud extract:

  • rheumatic diseases ;

  • stabilised chronic inflammatory rheumatism (sero negative spondylarthropathies, rheumatoid polyarthritis, psoriatic arthritis);

  • abarticular rheumatism (tendonitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis);

  • posttraumatic recovery (sprains luxations, fractures);

  • dermatological disorders (psoriasis, localised scleroderma, allergic eczema, keloid scars);

  • peripheral venous circulation disorders (varicose disease);

  • peripheral neuropathies;

  • periodontium disorders;

  • chronic gynecological conditions (cervicitis, anexitis, metroanexitis);

  • neurovegetative dystonia, convalescence.

Natural dermatocosmetics with sapropelic mud extract, natural products for face care, body care, therapy, hair and oral care.




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